The Ambassador Program

We don't just build bags. We build community. We lead the way.

Two Wheel Gear Ambassadors

The Two Wheel Gear Ambassador Program is about recognizing leaders who inspire others to commute by bike. Leaders who go first. Some of our ambassadors come to us organically. Some we seek out. But they are all Two Wheel Gear customers and riders. We build deep relationships and support them in their community endeavours. We join them on their commutes and craft profiles of their characteristics that often go unnoticed. Our ambassadors are independent, rebels by nature, and we find immense pride in showcasing their commuting adventures.

Tom Limon

Two Wheel Gear - Amabassador Bike Commuter Tom Limon

Age: 49
Occupation: IT Support IBM / Owner and tour guide at Biketropolis
City: Chicago, IL, USA
Bike: Cannondale Bad Boy 2
One-Way Commute: 40 km (25 miles)

“I get to enjoy several types of riding on my way to work: shared roads, bike lanes, bike paths, and trails. You would think I would be tired by the time I arrive to work but I am actually energized and happier and feel more productive.”

Nell Cochran

Two Wheel Gear - Amabassador Bike Commuter - Nell Cochran

Age: Old Enough
Occupation: Supervisor for an Executive Staff Unit
City: Washington, DC, USA
One-Way Commute: 14.5 km (9 miles)

"I notice the runners on the trail usually have a grimace and the bikers have a smile!”

Aldrin Pelicano

Two Wheel Gear - Bike Commuter Ambassador - Aldrin Pelicano

Age: 35
Occupation: Program Manager
City: Manila, Philippines
Bike: Folding Bike - Brompton and Tern Link D8
One-Way Commute: 13 km (8 miles)

“It is when people driving motor vehicles choose to ignore your presence to the extent of harming you,” that can make the commute difficult, as well as what he describes as the “deplorable conditions and design of our roads here in the Philippines.”


Two Wheel Gear - Fat Bike Commuter

Age: Old Enough
City: Waterloo, ON, Canada
Bike: Rocky Mountain Suzi Q Fat Bike
One-Way Commute: The only time her car gets started is if she has to pick something up or if there isn’t a secure place to lock her bike at her destination

“This is the change of life cycling is for me. To be able to just get on my bike and ride”

Adam Godet

Two Wheel Gear Ambassador - Adam Godet

Age: 37
Occupation: Operations Officer at U.S. Defense Department; Joint Base Anacostia Bolling, Owner at Godet Woodworking
City: Washington, DC, USA
Bike: Spot Champa
One-Way Commute: 10-12 km (6-7 miles)

“When you’re on public transit, you’re on someone else’s schedule; on the bus or train you may not even have a seat; something is likely going to happen that is going to wrinkle your plans. Delays, repairs, etc. Regular metro commuters in DC have come to expect issues.”

Rob Reid

Two Wheel Gear Ambassador - Rob Reid

Age: 36
Occupation: Manager, Business Improvement for Ledcor Technical Services
City: Richmond (live), Vancouver (work)
Bike: 2015 Norco Threshold A3 Cyclocross
One-Way Commute: 22.4 km (55 minutes)

"I also had a nasty spill this year where I hit a rock when crossing a traffic lane and did a full wipeout. Even had a driver stop to make sure I was alright. That shook me up for a few weeks."

Georgia Simmerling

Two Wheel Gear Ambassador - Georgia Simmerling

Age: 28
Occupation: Canadian alpine, skicross skier, and track cyclist - 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist
City: West Vancouver, Canada
Bike: 2016 LOOK Track Cycling Bike
One-Way Commute: 4 km Velodrome Track (4 minutes 14 seconds)

Georgia Simmerling won bronze in Women's Team Pursuit Cycling and was the first Canadian to compete in 3 different sports at 3 different Olympics

Anton Kang

Two Wheel Gear Ambassador - Anton Kang

Age: 35
Occupation: Professional Violinist - Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
City: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Bike: Surly Long Haul Trucker
One-Way Commute: 14 km (normal commute), 30-60 km depending on where the concert is.

"I work for Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and thousands of people are watching me while on stage. My dress has to be just perfect. But the problem is that I am a passionate cyclist (as well as passionate musician). I’ve tried many options of transportation my tails (tuxedo) before I found Two Wheel Gear."

Reviews: Pannier Backpack Review by Anton Kang, Garment Pannier 2.0 Review by Anton Kang

Andréa French

Two Wheel Gear Ambassador - Andrea French

Age: 36
Occupation: General Manager/Owner, Studeo55 / Electronic Arts Fitness Facilities
City: Vancouver, Canada
Bike: 2015 Brodie Roam
One-Way Commute: 13 km (8 m)

"Those inhibitions inspired me to spearhead an Orientation Ride initiative at my workplace – where more experienced riders could literally lead the way for new riders in their workplace."

Philip Coldrey Lo

Two Wheel Gear Ambassador - Philip Coldrey Lo

Age: 40
Occupation: Software Development Manager, SAP Canada  
City: Vancouver, Canada
Bike: 2011 Brodie Ronin
One-Way Commute: 10 km (6 m)

"I didn't need to start, I've always ridden to work. For me, it was always the most convenient and desirable option."